Life is a series of events, emotions, and turmoil. It is the aftermath that holds some of us captive, it is at that time that you may require some assistance “Breaking free”. If this is you, allow me to assist.

If you’re “caught in a rut”, Depressed, Anxious, or would like someone non- biased to assist you, give me a call.

Therapy: There are hundreds of modalities in Counseling . Each Counselor is unique in their own way. If you participate in Counseling but do not feel like it’s beneficial to you, I suggest you try at least one more Counselor before calling it quits. It’s like any other relationship in your life. If you do not acquire a strong “Therapeutic relationship” with your Counselor, the two of you may not be a good match, but don’t give up!

I try most holistic approaches first with therapy, if it proves to be fruitless we can always schedule an appointment with a board certified Psychiatrist to assist if medication is needed. If you are referred to a Psychiatrist it is recommended that you alternate between “talk therapy” and psychiatry to achieve the best results for you.

Contact me if you still have questions, or if you’re feeling unsure about Counseling. I offer 15 minute phone consultations at No charge. If I’m not the right fit, I would be happy to assist you in finding your match. Your Mental Health is the most important priority.
Best of Luck!
Neal; LPC