My name is Francelle Neal, I am a Licensed Professional Counselor. I feel like I have been a Counselor my entire life, but I have been licensed since 2014. I am currently accepting clients in Texas via telehealth and Missouri Hybrid. 

My mission has been to empower individuals following the aftermath of a traumatic experience and to assist them in reclaiming their strength and dignity throughout the process. I believe in a holistic approach, where treatment encompasses Mind, Body and Soul. I believe everyone has it in them to be happy & healthy and sometimes may require some assistance to actually fulfill that void.  

My educational background includes an Undergraduate degree in Human Services from Missouri Baptist as well as a Masters in Counseling with a dual degree in School Counseling and Private practice. I also completed my Substance abuse certification independently to gain more knowledge, due to many in our population with a dual diagnosis.

 My life has been blessed and I strive to be a blessing to someone daily.

Peace & Blessings!